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Vintage industrial workshop wooden storage boxes


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Vintage industrial workshop wooden storage boxes

These charming, rustic wooden storage boxes bears the sought-after weathered patina, dents, and scratches indicative of an authentic antique. It’s in these quirky details that this reclaimedpiece finds its genuine character. With an historic allure, these boxes are a handsome showpiece that is guaranteed to add a bit of old-fashioned elegance to your home or office.

Each slightly different but all great looking.


Box 1 – wide 31cm x length 61cm x height 10cm

Box 2 – 18 cm x 82cm x 12cm

Box 3 – 31 cm x 61cm x 11cm

Box 4 – 31 cm x 58 cm x 10cm

Box 5 – 31 cm x 61 cm x 10cm

Box number

1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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